Eco-friendly Composite Roofing to protect your home.

Our stone-coated metal roofing products are specially designed, manufactured, and marketed under our supervision to meet the demands of the increasingly competitive Indian metal roofing industry.

Our stone-coated metal roofing products offer eight layers of targeted protection that have been lab-tested for resistance to water, alkalines, acid, salt, heat, fire, extremely low temperatures, and a cycle of freezing and thawing as well as artificial weathering.

A clear acrylic over-glaze promotes brightness and bonding strength over a layer of attractive natural stone chip, which protect the base from harmful UV exposure while reducing surface noise. A base coat tightly adheres to the upper and lower layers while an acrylic resin coating protects the zinc-aluminium layer and reflects heat, resists corrosion, and reduces energy consumption. This is followed by a high strength steel base and additional layers of zinc-aluminium and acrylic resin protective coating.

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Our Tiles capture the attractive appearance of clay tile, cedar shake, and asphalt shingles with none of the disadvantages of these traditional roofing materials, our stone-coated metal roofing tiles have become the leading choice in advanced roofing technology in recent years.

  • Where the conventional metal roofing products deteriorate quickly, damage easily, and require constant maintenance, our Stone Coated Metal roofing tiles provide long-lasting durable performance.
  • The longevity and energy efficient properties of our state-of-the-art stone-coated metal roofing tiles make them a truly sustainable and environmentally-friendly product for use by countless roofing contractors, distributors, wholesalers, and home and business owners throughout North India.
  • Overall Length = 1,285mm
  • Length of Cover = 1,220mm
  • Width of Cover = 372mm
  • Weight = 2.9kg
  • Roof Cover = 2.20pcs/m2
  • Upstand = 25mm
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